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Azo dyes, Dyes


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4-Aminoazobenzene (25548-34-9, 60-09-3)  
aniline yellow  ·  para-Aminoazobenzene  ·  para Aminoazobenzene
Azobenzene is a chemical compound composed of two phenyl rings linked by a N=N double bond. It is the simplest example of an aryl azo compound. The term 'azobenzene' or simply 'azo' is often used to refer to a wide class of molecules that share the core azobenzene structure, with different chemical functional groups extending from the phenyl rings.
Airedale Blue D (2429-74-5)  
direct blue 15  ·  C.I. Direct Blue 15  ·  direct blue 15 tetralithium salt
Methyl yellow (60-11-7)  
Dimethylaminoazobenzene  ·  Butter Yellow  ·  p-Dimethylaminoazobenzene
Methyl yellow, or C.I. 11020, is a organic compound with the formula C6H5N2C6H4N(CH3)2. It is an azo dye derived from dimethylaniline.
DIRECT BLUE 15 (2429-74-5)  
C.I. Direct Blue 15  ·  direct blue 15 tetralithium salt  ·  C.I direct blue 15
CI Direct Blue 15 (2429-74-5)  
direct blue 15  ·  C.I. Direct Blue 15  ·  direct blue 15 tetralithium salt
Direct Sky Blue (2429-74-5)  
direct blue 15  ·  C.I. Direct Blue 15  ·  direct blue 15 tetralithium salt
Congo red (573-58-0)  
Congo red is an organic compound, the sodium salt of 3,3′-([1,1′-biphenyl]-4,4′-diyl)bis(4-aminonaphthalene-1-sulfonic acid. It is an azo dye. Congo red is water-soluble, yielding a red colloidal solution; its solubility is greater in organic solvents.
METHYL ORANGE (547-58-0)  
Gold Orange  ·  helianthine  ·  Tropaeolin D
Diarylanilide Yellow (6358-85-6)  
benzidine yellow  ·  pigment yellow 12  ·  C.I. pigment yellow 12
Methyl red (493-52-7)  
methyl red, sodium salt  ·  C.I. Acid Red 2
Methyl red (2-(N,N-dimethyl-4-aminophenyl) azobenzenecarboxylic acid), also called C.I. Acid Red 2, is an indicator dye that turns red in acidic solutions. It is an azo dye, and is a dark red crystalline powder.
evans blue (314-13-6)  
Evan's Blue  ·  Azovan Blue  ·  Evan Blue
Evansblue (314-13-6)  
Evans Blue  ·  Evan's Blue  ·  Azovan Blue
Naphthol AS (92-77-3)  
3-hydroxy-2-naphthanilide  ·  naphthol AS, 14C-labeled cpd  ·  naphthol AS, monosodium salt
Sudan black B (4197-25-5)  
solvent black 3
Sudan Black B (C29H24N6) is a nonfluorescent, relatively thermostable lysochrome (fat-soluble dye) diazo dye used for staining of neutral triglycerides and lipids on frozen sections and some lipoproteins on paraffin sections. It has the appearance of a dark brown to black powder with maximum absorption at 596-605 nm and melting point 120–124 °C. It stains blue-black.
Sudan Red 7B (6368-72-5)  
fat red  ·  fat red 7B  ·  oil violet
Sudan Red 7B, also known as Solvent Red 19, Ceres Red 7B, Fat Red 7B, Hexatype carmine B, Lacquer red V3B, Oil violet, Organol bordeaux B, Sudanrot 7B, Typogen carmine, and C.I. 26050, is a red diazo dye. Chemically it is N-ethyl-1-[[p-(phenylazo)phenyl]azo]-2-naphthalenamine.
Tropaeolin OO (554-73-4)  
tropaeolin IV OO  ·  tropaeolin OO, monosodium salt  ·  4-((4-(phenylamino)phenyl)azo)benzenesulfonic acid monosodium salt
Metanil yellow (587-98-4)  
acid yellow 36  ·  sodium 3-((4-anilinophenyl)azo)benzenesulfonate  ·  metanil yellow, monosodium salt
Metanil Yellow (Acid Yellow 36) is a dye of the azo class. In analytical chemistry, it is used as a pH indicator and it has a color change from red to yellow between pH 1.2 and 2.3. Although it is an unpermitted food dye, because of its bright yellow color, Metanil Yellow has been used as an adulterant in turmeric powder, particularly in India.
Solvent yellow 124 (34432-92-3)  
Solvent Yellow 124 is a yellow azo dye used in European Union as a fuel dye. It is a marker used since August 2002 to distinguish diesel fuel intended for heating from a higher-taxed motor diesel fuel. It is added to fuels not intended for motor vehicles in amounts of 6 mg/L or 7 mg/kg under the name Euromarker.
4-(Diethylamino)azobenzene (2481-94-9)  
DEAB  ·  C.I. Solvent Yellow 56  ·  N,N-diethyl-4-aminoazobenzene
Oil Yellow DE is a synthetic greenish-yellow azo dye which has the appearance of a reddish yellow powder. Its EINECS number is 219-616-8. Chemically it is N,N-diethyl-p-(phenylazo)aniline, C16H19N3.
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