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C3H9NO, Bases (chemistry), Acids


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Homotaurine (3687-18-1)  
3-APS  ·  3-aminopropanesulfonic acid  ·  3-amino-1-propanesulfonic acid
Homotaurine (3-amino-1-propanesulfonic acid (3-APS) or tramiprosate (INN)) is a synthetic organic compound. It is analogous to taurine, but with an extra carbon in its chain. It has GABAergic activity, apparently by mimicking GABA, which is it resembles.

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HEPTACOSANOIC ACID (7138-40-1, 68439-87-2)  
Heptacosylic acid, or heptacosanoic acid or carboceric acid, is a 27-carbon long-chain saturated fatty acid with the chemical formula CH3(CH2)25COOH.
iminoaspartate (79067-61-1)  
iminoaspartic acid
Iminoaspartic acid (also known as iminosuccinate or iminoaspartate) is a dicarboxylic acid in the biosynthesis of nicotinic acid. It is synthesised by the oxidation of aspartate and is condensed by quinolinate synthase with glycerone phosphate to form quinolinic acid.
Phosphinic acid (68412-69-1, 6303-21-5, 68412-68-0)  
Phosphinic Acids  ·  Hypophosphorous Acids
Hypophosphorous acid is a phosphorus oxoacid and a powerful reducing agent with molecular formula H3PO2. Inorganic chemists refer to the free acid by this name (also as "HPA"), or the acceptable name of phosphinic acid. It is a colorless low-melting compound, which is soluble in water, dioxane, and alcohols.
Pyridine-4-boronic acid (1692-15-5)  
1692-15-5  ·  pyridin-4-ylboronic acid
Pyridine-3,4-dicarboxylic acid (490-11-9)  
3,4-pyridinedicarboxylic acid
Quinoline-8-boronic acid (86-58-8)  
86-58-8  ·  quinolin-8-ylboronic acid
3-quinolineboronic acid (191162-39-7)  
quinolin-3-ylboronic acid  ·  191162-39-7
4-Chlorophenylboronic acid (1679-18-1)  
(4-chlorophenyl)boronic acid  ·  1679-18-1
3-nitrophenylboronic acid (13331-27-6)  
3-nitrobenzeneboronic acid  ·  m-nitrobenzeneboronic acid  ·  meta-nitrobenzeneboronic acid
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