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bromoacetate  ·  monobromoacetate
Bromoacetic acid is the chemical compound with the formula CH2BrCO2H. This colorless solid is a relatively strong alkylating agent. Bromoacetic acid and its esters are widely used building blocks in organic synthesis, for example in pharmaceutical chemistry.
ACETYL BROMIDE (506-96-7)  
Acetyl bromide is an acyl bromide compound. As is expected, it may be prepared by reaction between phosphorus tribromide and acetic acid: 3 CH3COOH + PBr3 → 3 CH3COBr + H3PO3 As usual for an acid halide, acetyl bromide hydrolyzes rapidly in water, forming acetic acid and hydrobromic acid. It also reacts with alcohols and amines to produce acetate esters and acetamides, respectively.