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2-(Methylamino)ethanol (109-83-1)  
2-methylaminoethanol  ·  N-monomethylethanolamine  ·  N-methylaminoethanol
N-Methylethanolamine is an alkanolamine with the formula CH3NHCH2CH2OH. It is flammable, corrosive, colorless, viscous liquid. It is an intermediate in the biosynthesis of choline.
trimethylamine oxide  ·  TMAO  ·  trimethyloxamine
Trimethylamine N-oxide (TMAO) is the organic compound in the class of amine oxides with the formula (CH3)3NO. This colorless solid compound is usually encountered as the dihydrate. It is a product of the oxidation of trimethylamine, a common metabolite in animals.
3-Aminopropanol (156-87-6)  
3-aminopropan-1-ol  ·  3-amino-1-propanol
DL-Alaninol (78-91-1, 6168-72-5)  
alaninol  ·  2-aminopropanol  ·  2-aminopropanol, (+-)-isomer
2-Amino-1,3-propanediol (534-03-2)  
serinol, (+-)-isomer  ·  2-aminopropane-1,3-diol  ·  serinol