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C4H6, Epoxides


Cyclic compounds (4)
Three-membered rings (4)


Sigma Aldrich (1)

Diepoxybutane (1464-53-5, 298-18-0)  
butadiene dioxide  ·  butadiene diepoxide  ·  erythritol anhydride, (R-(R*,R*))-isomer
Diepoxybutane (also known as butane diepoxide, butadiene diepoxide, or 1,2:3,4-diepoxybutane) is a chemical compound with two epoxide functional groups. It is used as a chemical intermediate, as a curing agent for polymers, as a cross-linking agent for textiles, and as a preservative. Diepoxybutane is a carcinogen.
D-Diepoxybutane (30419-67-1, 298-18-0)  
diepoxybutane  ·  butadiene dioxide  ·  butadiene diepoxide

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