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propanoic anhydride
Propanoic anhydride is an organic compound with the formula (CH3CH2CO)2O. This simple acid anhydride is a colourless liquid. It is a widely used reagent in organic synthesis.
DIGLYCIDYL ETHER (2238-07-5)  
Diglycidyl ether is a chemical compound used as a reactive diluent for epoxy resin. Other uses include treating textiles and stabilizing chlorinated organic compounds. It is extremely toxic, and can prove fatal or cause permanent damage if inhaled or consumed orally.
2-HYDROXYETHYL METHACRYLATE (141668-69-1, 12676-48-1, 25249-16-5, 868-77-9)  
HEMA  ·  hydroxyethyl methacrylate  ·  glycol methacrylate
Hydroxyethylmethacrylate or HEMA is the monomer that is used to make the polymer polyhydroxyethylmethacrylate. The polymer is hydrophobic; however, when the polymer is subjected to water it will swell due to the molecule's hydrophilic pendant group. Depending on the physical and chemical structure of the polymer, it is capable of absorbing from 10 to 600% water relative to the dry weight.
ethyl acetoacetate (141-97-9)  
ethyl acetoacetate, 2,4-(14)C-labeled  ·  ethyl 3-oxobutanoate  ·  ethyl acetoacetate, 2-(14)C-labeled
The organic compound ethyl acetoacetate (EAA) is the ethyl ester of acetoacetic acid. It is mainly used as a chemical intermediate in the production of a wide variety of compounds, such as amino acids, analgesics, antibiotics, antimalarial agents, antipyrine and aminopyrine, and vitamin B1; as well as the manufacture of dyes, inks, lacquers, perfumes, plastics, and yellow paint pigments. Alone, it is used as a flavoring for food.
4-Methyl-2-oxovaleric acid (816-66-0)  
alpha-oxoisocaproate  ·  2-keto-4-methylvalerate  ·  alpha-ketoisocaproic acid, sodium salt
α-Ketoisocaproic acid (α-KIC) and its conjugate base, α-ketoisocaproate, are metabolic intermediates in the metabolic pathway for L-leucine.
3-Methyl-2-oxovaleric acid (1460-34-0, 39748-49-7)  
2-keto-3-methylvaleric acid  ·  alpha-keto-beta-methylvaleric acid, (+-)-isomer  ·  3-methyl-2-oxopentanoate
Methyl levulinate (624-45-3)  
methyl-4-oxovalerate  ·  levulinic acid, methyl ester  ·  methyl-4-oxopentanoate
PANTOLACTONE (79-50-5)  
pantoyl lactone  ·  2,4-dihydroxy-3,3-dimethylbutyric acid gamma-lactone  ·  pantolactone, 2-(14)C-labeled cpd, (+,-)-isomer
3-(Acetylthio)-2-methylpropanoic acid (74431-52-0, 76497-39-7, 74407-69-5, 33325-40-5)  
DAT-IBA  ·  D-beta-acetylthioisobutyric acid  ·  3-acetylthioisobutyric acid
DL-Mevalonic acid lactone (674-26-0)  
mevalonolactone  ·  mevalonic acid lactone  ·  mevalonolactone, (+-)-isomer
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