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C8H14O, Food Additives


Cyclic compounds (2)
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Heterocyclic compounds (1)
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6-METHYL-5-HEPTEN-2-ONE (110-93-0, 409-02-9)  
methylheptenone  ·  6-methylhept-5-ene-2-one  ·  sulcatone
3-methylbutanoic acid 2-propenyl ester
DIETHYL SUCCINATE (123-25-1, 68989-32-2)  
Diethyl succinate is the diethyl ester of succinate.
Diethyl tartrate (87-91-2, 57968-71-5)  
Diethyl tartrate is an organic compound, the ethyl ester of tartaric acid. It exists in both as a chiral isomer, showing both left- and right-handed forms, as well as a meso stereoisomer, which is not chiral. The chiral isomer is far more common.
cis-3-Hexenyl acetate (3681-71-8, 1708-82-3)  
3-hexenyl acetate  ·  3-hexenylacetate
1-OCTEN-3-ONE (4312-99-6)  
Oct-1-en-3-one (CH2=CHC(=O)(CH2)4CH3), also known as 1-octen-3-one, is the odorant that is responsible for the typical "metallic" smell of metals and blood coming into contact with skin. Oct-1-en-3-one has a strong metallic mushroom-like odor with an odor detection threshold of 0.03–1.12 µg/m3 and it is the main compound responsible for the "smell of metal", followed by decanal (smell: orange skin, flowery) and nonanal (smell: tallowy, fruity). Oct-1-en-3-one is the degradative reduction product of the chemical reaction of skin lipid peroxides and Fe2+.
(E)-Oct-2-enal (2548-87-0, 2363-89-5, 25447-69-2)  
2-octenal  ·  2-octenal, (Z)-isomer  ·  2-octenal, (E)-isomer
cyclohexaneacetic acid
104-50-7 (104-50-7)  
(R)-4-octanolide  ·  4-octanolide
γ-Octalactone is a lactone and aroma compound with the chemical formula C8H14O2. It has a coconut flavor.
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