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Similar to 2,6-Di-tert-butylnaphthalene


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Cumene (68333-89-1, 98-82-8, 68411-37-0, 101316-43-2)  
isopropylbenzene  ·  cumol  ·  2-phenylpropane
Cumene is the common name for isopropylbenzene, an organic compound that is based on an aromatic hydrocarbon with an aliphatic substitution. It is a constituent of crude oil and refined fuels. It is a flammable colorless liquid that has a boiling point of 152 °C.
P-CYMENE (99-87-6, 4939-75-7, 25155-15-1)  
p-cimene  ·  p-cymol  ·  4-cymene
p-Cymene is a naturally occurring aromatic organic compound. It is classified as an alkylbenzene related to a monoterpene. Its structure consists of a benzene ring para-substituted with a methyl group and an isopropyl group.
4-tert-Butyltoluene (98-51-1)  
tert-Butylbenzene (98-06-6)  
t-butylbenzene  ·  1-bromo-4-tert-butylbenzene
RETENE (483-65-8)  
Retene, methyl isopropyl phenanthrene or 1-methyl-7-isopropyl phenanthrene, C18H18, is a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon present in the coal tar fraction, boiling above 360 °C. It occurs naturally in the tars obtained by the distillation of resinous woods. It crystallizes in large plates, which melt at 98.5 °C and boil at 390 °C.
CADALENE (483-78-3)  
Cadalene or cadalin (4-isopropyl-1,6-dimethylnaphthalene) is a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon with a chemical formula C15H18 and a cadinane skeleton. It is derived from generic sesquiterpenes, and ubiquitous in essential oils of many higher plants. Cadalene, together with retene, simonellite and ip-iHMN, is a biomarker of higher plants, which makes it useful for paleobotanic analysis of rock sediments.
2,6-DIPN  ·  2,6-disopropylnaphtalene
2,6-Diisopropylnaphthalene (2,6-DIPN) is structurally similar to other plant growth regulators commonly found in plant tissues, and seems to help inhibit the sprouting of potatoes during storage. 2,6-DIPN is intended for use in the manufacturing of pesticide products intended to prevent sprouting of stored potatoes.
1,4-Di-tert-butylbenzene (1012-72-2)  
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