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Hydroxyarenes, Heterocyclic compound


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Heterocyclic compounds (4 or more rings) (1)
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Polycyclic organic compounds (1)
Topoisomerase inhibitors (1)

Losoxantrone (88303-60-0)  
Losoxantrone (biantrazole) is a anthroquinone anthrapyrazole antineoplastic agent and analog of mitoxantrone. It is also sometimes known as DuP 941.
ISOMALTOL (3420-59-5)  
Isomaltol is a natural furan obtained by the enzymatic degradation of starch. It is also a flavor component in bread crust, produced by thermal degradation (caramelization) of sugars. Isomaltol is obtained after the Maillard reaction from an amino acid and a reducing sugar

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4-Aminoquinoline (578-68-7)  
4-Aminoquinoline is a form of aminoquinoline with the amino group at the 4-position of the quinoline. A variety of derivatives of 4-aminoquinoline are antimalarial agents useful in treating erythrocytic plasmodial infections. Examples include amodiaquine, chloroquine, and hydroxychloroquine.
2,6-DIMETHYLQUINOLINE (877-43-0)  
2,6-dimethyl quinoline
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Heterocyclic compound
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