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chlordecone (143-50-0)  
Kepone, also known as chlordecone, is an organochlorine compound and a colourless solid. This compound is a controversial insecticide related to Mirex and DDT. Its use was so disastrous that it is now prohibited in the western world, but only after many millions of kilograms had been produced.

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434-45-7 (434-45-7)  
phenyltrifluoromethylketone  ·  phenyl trifluoromethyl ketone
3-ACETYLTHIOPHENE (1468-83-3)  
1-phenylprop-2-en-1-one (768-03-6)  
Acrylophenone is an organic compound with the formula C9H8O. It is prepared using acetophenone, formaldehyde, and an amine hydrochloride in a Mannich reaction. It can be polymerized to poly(phenylvinyl ketone) via radical or anionic mechanisms.
4'-Hydroxy-3'-methylacetophenone (876-02-8)  
1226-46-6 (1226-46-6)  
thio-Michler's ketone  ·  4,4'-bis(dimethylamino)thiobenzophenone
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