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Similar to (3-aminophenoxy)acetic acid
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m-Anisidine (536-90-3)  
m-Anisidine one of the three isomers of anisidine. It is very poisonous for the blood leading to pink coloration of the skin and inner suffocation. Additionally its vapors are irritating to eyes, mucous membranes, the respiratory system and skin.
p-chlorophenoxyacetic acid  ·  NSC-8769  ·  4-chlorophenoxyacetic acid, potassium salt
4-Chlorophenoxyacetic acid or parachlorophenoxyacetate (pCPA) is a synthetic pesticide similar to chemicals in a group of plant hormones called auxins.
4-ETHOXYANILINE (156-43-4)  
Phenetidine  ·  Ethoxyaniline  ·  Aminophenetole
2-Naphthoxyacetic acid (120-23-0)  
beta-naphthoxyacetic acid  ·  (2-naphthyloxy)acetic acid
4-Hydroxyphenoxyacetic acid (1878-84-8)  
(4-hydroxyphenoxy)acetic acid
4-Nitrophenoxyacetic acid (1798-11-4)  
(4-nitrophenoxy)acetic acid
1878-91-7 (1878-91-7)  
p-bromophenoxyacetic acid  ·  bromophenoxyacetic acid
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