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cinnamaldehyde (14371-10-9, 104-55-2, 57194-69-1)  
cinnamic aldehyde  ·  trans-3-phenylprop-2-enaldehyde  ·  beta-phenylacrolein
Cinnamaldehyde is an organic compound with the formula C6H5CH=CHCHO. Occurring naturally as predominantly the trans (E) isomer, it gives cinnamon its flavor and odor. It is a flavonoid that is naturally synthesized by the shikimate pathway.
2-Propenal, 3-phenyl- (104-55-2)  
beta-Methylstyrene (637-50-3, 873-66-5)  
1-phenylpropene  ·  isoallylbenzene  ·  trans-phenylpropene
CINNAMIC ACID (621-82-9, 9045-22-1, 140-10-3, 63938-16-9)  
cinnamic acid, 3H-labeled cpd (Z)-isomer  ·  cinnamic acid, 14C-labeled cpd  ·  cinnamic acid, 3-(14)C-labeled cpd
Cinnamic acid is an organic compound with the formula C6H5CHCHCO2H. It is a white crystalline compound that is slightly soluble in water, and freely soluble in many organic solvents. Classified as an unsaturated carboxylic acid, it occurs naturally in a number of plants.
Benzalacetone (1896-62-4, 122-57-6)  
benzylideneacetone  ·  t-PBO  ·  benzylideneacetone, (E)-isomer
Benzylideneacetone is the organic compound described by the formula C6H5CH=CHC(O)CH3. Although both cis- and trans-isomers are possible for the α,β-unsaturated ketone, only the trans isomer is observed. Its original preparation demonstrated the scope of condensation reactions to construct new, complex organic compounds.
Dibenzylideneacetone (538-58-9, 35225-79-7)  
dibenzalacetone  ·  dibenzylidene acetone
Dibenzylideneacetone or dibenzalacetone, often abbreviated dba, is an organic compound with the formula C17H14O. It is a pale-yellow solid insoluble in water, but soluble in ethanol. Dibenzylideneacetone is used as a component in sunscreens and as a ligand in organometallic chemistry.
Cinnamoyl chloride (17082-09-6, 102-92-1)  
cinnamoyl chloride, (E)-isomer
trans-Styrylacetic acid (1914-58-5, 2243-53-0)  
4-phenyl-3-butenoic acid  ·  4-phenyl-3-butenoic acid, (E)-isomer  ·  styrylacetic acid
p-Hydroxybenzalacetone (22214-30-8, 3160-35-8)  
4-hydroxycinnamoyl methane  ·  4-hydroxycinnamoylmethane, (E)-isomer  ·  4-hydroxycinnamoylmethane, (Z)-isomer
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