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, Carboxylic anhydrides


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2420-87-3 (2420-87-3)  
BPDA or biphenyl-tetracarboxylic acid dianhydride is a monomer used in the production of some polyimides.

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3-Chlorophthalic anhydride (117-21-5)  
3-Chlorophthalic anhydride is a monochlorinated aromatic anhydride. It is an isomer of 4-chlorophthalic anhydride and a derivative of phthalic anhydride.
Benzoic anhydride is the acid anhydride of benzoic acid. It is the simplest symmetrical aromatic acid anhydride. It can be produced by dehydrating benzoic acid.
Phenylboronic acid (98-80-6)  
benzeneboronic acid  ·  phenylboronate  ·  98-80-6
Phenylboronic acid or benzeneboronic acid, abbreviated as PhB(OH)2 where Ph is the phenyl group C6H5-, is a boronic acid containing a phenyl substituent and two hydroxyl groups attached to boron. Phenylboronic acid is white powder and is commonly used in organic synthesis. Boronic acids are mild Lewis acids which are generally stable and easy to handle, making them important to organic synthesis.
Trifluoromethanesulfonic anhydride (358-23-6)  
triflic anhydride
Triflic anhydride is the chemical compound with the formula (CF3SO2)2O. This compound is a particularly strong electrophile, useful for introducing the triflyl group, CF3SO2. Abbreviated Tf2O, triflic anhydride is the acid anhydride of the strong acid triflic acid, CF3SO2OH.
81-08-3 (81-08-3)  
2-sulfobenzoic cyclic anhydride  ·  2-sulfobenzoic acid cyclic anhydride  ·  o-sulfobenzoic anhydride
Methanesulfonic anhydride (7143-01-3)  
Methanesulfonic anhydride is the acid anhydride of methanesulfonic acid. Like methanesulfonyl chloride, it may be used to generate mesylates (methanesulfonyl esters). It is commercially available but may also be prepared by the reaction of phosphorus pentoxide with methanesulfonic acid at 80 °C.
3,4-Dimethoxyphenylboronic acid (122775-35-3)  
(3,4-dimethoxyphenyl)boronic acid  ·  122775-35-3
n-Butylboronic acid (4426-47-5)  
butylboronic acid  ·  butaneboronic acid  ·  n-butylboronate
2-Methoxyphenylboronic acid (5720-06-9)  
(2-methoxyphenyl)boronic acid  ·  5720-06-9
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