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2,4,5-TRICHLOROPHENOL (95-95-4)  
2,4,5-trichlorophenol, copper salt  ·  2,4,5-trichlorophenolate  ·  2,4,5-trichlorophenol, potassium salt
2,6-DICHLOROPHENOL (87-65-0)  
2,6-Dichlorophenol is a compound with formula C6H3Cl2OH. It is one of the six isomers of dichlorophenol.

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2-Bromo-1,1-difluoroethene (359-08-0)  
Ethene, 1,2-dichloro- (540-59-0)  
1,2-dichloroethylene  ·  1,2-dichloroethylene, (E)-isomer  ·  1,2-dichloroethene
perchloroethane  ·  carbon hexachloride  ·  Avlothane
Hexachloroethane, also known as perchloroethane (PCA), C2Cl6, is a white crystalline solid at room temperature with a camphor-like odor. It has been used by the military in smoke compositions, such as base-eject smoke munitions (smoke grenades).
2-CHLORONAPHTHALENE (1321-65-9, 1335-88-2, 91-58-7)  
2-Chloronaphthalene is an organochlorine chemical compound, a chlorinated derivative of naphthalene. Its chemical formula is C 10H 7Cl. The compound is an isomer for 1-chloronaphthalene.
1016-05-3 (1016-05-3)  
DBT-5,5-dioxide  ·  dibenzothiophene-5,5-dioxide
p-Hydroxybenzalacetone (22214-30-8, 3160-35-8)  
4-hydroxycinnamoyl methane  ·  4-hydroxycinnamoylmethane, (E)-isomer  ·  4-hydroxycinnamoylmethane, (Z)-isomer
TETRASUL (2227-13-6)  
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