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Phenol dyes, Bromoarenes


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Triarylmethane dyes (3)


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Bromophenol blue (115-39-9)  
Bromphenol Blue  ·  Tetrabromophenol Blue
Bromophenol blue (3′,3″,5′,5″-tetrabromophenolsulfonphthalein, BPB, albutest) is used as a pH indicator, a color marker, and a dye. It can be prepared by slowly adding excess bromine to a hot solution of phenolsulfonphthalein in glacial acetic acid.
Bromocresol purple (115-40-2)  
Bromcresol Purple
Bromocresol purple (BCP) or 5′,5″-dibromo-o-cresolsulfophthalein, is a dye of the triphenylmethane family (triarylmethane dyes) and a pH indicator. It is colored yellow below pH 5.2, and violet above pH 6.8. In its cyclic sulfonate ester form, it has a pKa value of 6.3, and is usually prepared as a 0.04% aqueous solution.
Bromocresol green (76-60-8)  
Bromcresol Green  ·  Tetrabromocresolsulfonphthalein
Bromocresol green (BCG) is a dye of the triphenylmethane family (triarylmethane dyes). It belongs to a class of dyes called sulfonephthaleins. It is used as a pH indicator in applications such as growth mediums for microorganisms and titrations.

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2-chloro-3-methylphenol (608-26-4)  
2-Chloro-m-cresol is a chlorinated derivative of cresol with the chemical formula C7H7ClO.
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