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Vat dyes


Dyes (4)
Anthraquinone dyes (2)
Aromatic compounds (2)
Cyclic compounds (2)
Phenol dyes (2)
Polycyclic aromatic compounds (2)
Polycyclic organic compounds (2)
Violanthrone dyes (1)


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Vat yellow 4 (128-66-5)  
7,14-Dibenzpyrenequinone is a yellow synthetic anthraquinone vat dye, known as Vat Yellow 4. It is a bright yellow solid. This dye is used mostly as a dye for textiles and paper.
C.I. Vat Green 1 (128-58-5)  
Vat Green 1 is an organic compound that is used as a vat dye. It is a derivative of benzanthrone. It is a dark green solid.
FLAVANTHRONE (475-71-8)  
Vat Yellow 1  ·  C. I. Vat Yellow 1
Vat Yellow 1 is a vat dye, yellow in appearance under some conditions used in cloth dying. Its synonyms are flavanthrone and Indofast Yellow, and it is in the class of anthraquinone-type compounds.

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Indanthrone (81-77-6)  
6,15-dihydroanthrazine-5,9,14,18-terone  ·  Navinone Blue  ·  anthraquinone Vat Blue 4
Indanthrone blue, also called indanthrene, is an organic dye made from 2-aminoanthraquinone treated with potassium hydroxide in the presence of a potassium salt. It is a pigment that can be used in the following mediums: acrylic, alkalyd, casein, encaustic, fresco, gouache, linseed oil, tempera, pastel, and watercolor painting. It is used to dye unmordanted cotton and as a pigment in quality paints and enamels.
D & C Brown no. 1 (1320-07-6, 6371-84-2)  
Acid Orange 24  ·  AO24 dye
Acid Blue 25 (6408-78-2)  
AB25 dye  ·  1-amino-9,10-dihydro-9,10-dioxo-4-(phenylamino)-2-anthracenesulfonic acid  ·  C.I. 62055
Anazolene sodium (3861-73-2)  
AB92 dye  ·  Acid Blue 92  ·  C.I. Acid Blue 92
ACID BLUE 113 (3351-05-1)  
Levanol Fast Cyanine 5RN, disodium salt  ·  Levanol Fast Cyanine 5RN  ·  Supranol Fast Cyanine 5RN
Reactive Blue 4 (13324-20-4)  
procion blue MX-R  ·  procion blue MX-RX  ·  procion blue MX-R, disodium salt
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