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Drugs acting on the cardiovascular system (23)
Pharmaceuticals (20)
Cyclic compounds (9)
Antihypertensive agents (8)
Antianginals (6)
Antiarrhythmic agents (6)
Aromatic compounds (6)
Calcium channel blockers (5)
Drugs acting on the gastrointestinal system and metabolism (5)
Six-membered rings (5)
Fibrates (4)
Hypolipidemic agents (4)
PPAR agonists (4)
Antihypertensive agent (3)
Bases (chemistry) (3)
Dihydropyridines (3)
Nitrobenzenes (3)
Vasodilators (3)
Alcohols (2)
Amidines (2)
Chalcogenides (2)
Chloroarenes (2)
Drugs acting on the nervous system (2)
Drugs acting on the respiratory system (2)
Guanidines (2)
Piperazines (2)
Sulfides (2)
Thioethers (2)
Acids (1)
Amines (1)
Anti-diabetic drugs (1)
Antiasthmatic drugs (1)
Aromatic amines (1)
Azetidines (1)
Beta blockers (1)
Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors (1)
Carboxylic acids (1)
Consumer Ingredients (1)
Diuretics (1)
Drugs acting on the genito-urinary system (1)
Drugs for impotency (1)
Erectile dysfunction drugs (1)
Five-membered rings (1)
Four-membered rings (1)
Halides (1)
Heterocyclic compounds (1)
Heterocyclic compounds (4 or more rings) (1)
Ketones (1)
Loop diuretics (1)
Nervous system drug (1)
Organic acids (1)
Organochlorides (1)
Organohalides (1)
PDE4 inhibitors (1)
PDE5 inhibitors (1)
Polycyclic organic compounds (1)
Psychoactive drugs (1)
Pyridines (1)
Respiratory agents (1)
Respiratory system drug (1)
Sexual dysfunction drugs (1)
Sulfonylureas (1)
Thiazoles (1)
Thiophenes (1)
Xanthines (1)


Sigma Aldrich (12)
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Matrix Scientific (6)
Toronto Research Chemicals (3)
Oakwood Chemical (2)
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Tadalafil (171596-29-5)  
Tadalafil (INN) is a PDE5 inhibitor marketed in pill form for treating erectile dysfunction (ED) under the name Cialis see-AL-iss, and under the name Adcirca ad-SUR-kə for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension. In October 2011 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Cialis for treating the signs and symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) as well as a combination of BPH and erectile dysfunction when the conditions coincide.
clofibrate (637-07-0)  
Atromid  ·  Atromid S  ·  Ethyl Chlorophenoxyisobutyrate
Clofibrate (tradename Atromid-S) is an organic compound. It is marketed as a fibrate. It is a lipid-lowering agent used for controlling the high cholesterol and triacylglyceride level in the blood.
vincamine (1617-90-9)  
Vincapront  ·  Devincan  ·  Pervincamine
Vincamine is a monoterpenoid indole alkaloid found in the leaves of Vinca minor (lesser periwinkle), comprising about 25-65% of the indole alkaloids found in Vinca minor by weight. It can be synthesized from related alkaloids.
Torasemide (56211-40-6)  
Torasemide or torsemide is a pyridine-sulfonyl urea type loop diuretic mainly used in the management of edema associated with congestive heart failure. It is also used at low doses for the management of hypertension. It is marketed under the brand names Demadex, Diuver, and Examide.
pentoxifylline (6493-05-6)  
Trental  ·  Torental  ·  Pentoxil
Pentoxifylline, also known as oxpentifylline, is a xanthine derivative used as a drug to treat muscle pain in people with peripheral artery disease. It is generic and sold under many brand names worldwide.
nilvadipine (75530-68-6)  
Escor  ·  Nivadil  ·  Trommsdorff Brand of Nilvadipine
Nilvadipine is a calcium channel blocker (CCB) used for the treatment of hypertension and chronic major cerebral artery occlusion. Pathohistochemical studies have revealed that the volume of the infarction in the middle cerebral artery occlusion model could be decreased by nilvadipine.
cyclandelate (456-59-7)  
Cyclandelate is a vasodilator used in the treatment of claudication, arteriosclerosis and Raynaud's disease. It is also used to treat nighttime leg cramps, and has been investigated for its effect against migraine. It is orally administered.
Debrisoquine (1131-64-2)  
Debrisoquin  ·  Tendor
Debrisoquine is a derivative of guanidine. It is an antihypertensive drug similar to guanethidine. Debrisoquine is frequently used for phenotyping the CYP2D6 enzyme, a drug metabolizing enzyme.
probucol (23288-49-5)  
Lorelco  ·  Superlipid  ·  Biphenabid
Probucol is an anti-hyperlipidemic drug initially developed in the treatment of coronary artery disease. However, clinical trials were stopped after it was found that it may lower HDL in patients with a previous history of heart disease. Probucol was initially developed in the 1970s by a chemical company to maximize airplane tire longevity.
Troxerutin (7085-55-4)  
Veinamitol  ·  vitamin P4  ·  oxerutin
Troxerutin is a flavonol, a type of flavonoid. It is more accurately a hydroxyethylrutoside. It can be isolated from Sophora japonica, the Japanese pagoda tree.
manidipine (89226-75-5, 89226-50-6)  
manidipine hydrochloride  ·  CV 4093  ·  manidipine, (+-)-isomer
Manidipine (INN) is a calcium channel blocker (dihydropyridine type) that is used clinically as an antihypertensive.
Ciprofibrate (52214-84-3)  
Lipanor  ·  Oroxadin  ·  Hyperlipen
Ciprofibrate is a fibrate that was developed as a lipid-lowering agent.
Etofibrate (31637-97-5)  
Lipo-Merz  ·  etofibrate hydrochloride  ·  Tricerol
Etofibrate is a fibrate. It is a combination of clofibrate and niacin, linked together by an ester bond. In the body, clofibrate and niacin separate and are released gradually, in a manner similar to controlled-release formulations.
Azelnidipine (123524-52-7)  
Azelnidipine (INN; marketed under the brand name CalBlock — カルブロック) is a dihydropyridine calcium channel blocker. It is sold in Japan by Daiichi-Sankyo pharmaceuticals, Inc. Unlike nicardipine, it has a gradual onset and has a long-lasting hypotensive effect, with little increase in heart rate.
Inositol niacinate (6556-11-2)  
inositol hexanicotinate  ·  inositol nicotinate  ·  Hexopal
Inositol nicotinate is a vasodilator. Inositol Nicotinate is given the term Inositol hexaniacinate, as well as "No-Flush Niacin". "Flushing", in physiology, is a broad term that essentially means that epidermal tissues have become reddened, such as when the skin is irritated from the histamine responses related to an allergic reaction, or from recent physical exercise, or even from anger or embarrassment.
naftopidil (57149-07-2)  
Naftopidil (INN, marketed under the brand name Flivas) is a drug used in benign prostatic hypertrophy which acts as a selective α1-adrenergic receptor antagonist or alpha blocker.
Varespladib (172732-68-2)  
Varespladib is an inhibitor of the IIa, V, and X isoforms of secretory phospholipase A2 (sPLA2). The molecule acts as an anti-inflammatory agent by disrupting the first step of the arachidonic acid pathway of inflammation. From 2006 to 2012, varespladib was under active investigation by Anthera Pharmaceuticals as a potential therapy for several inflammatory diseases, including acute coronary syndrome and acute chest syndrome.
Arotinolol (41287-43-8, 68377-92-4)  
S 596  ·  arotinolol, (+-)-isomer  ·  arotinolol hydrochloride
Arotinolol (INN, marketed under the tradename Almarl) is a medication in the class of mixed alpha/beta blockers. It also acts as a β3 receptor agonist. A 1979 publication suggests arotinolol as having first been described in the scientific literature by Sumitomo Chemical as "β-adrenergic blocking, antiarrhythmic compound S-596".
BERBAMINE (478-61-5)  
berbamine hydrochloride  ·  berbamine monohydrochloride  ·  berbamine, (1'beta)-isomer
clinofibrate (30299-08-2)  
clinofibrate, (R*,S*)-isomer  ·  S 8527  ·  clinofibrate, (R*,R*)-(+)-isomer
Clinofibrate (INN) (trade name Lipoclin) is a fibrate.
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