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biotin (56846-45-8, 58-85-5)  
Vitamin H  ·  medobiotin  ·  Biotin Biocur Brand
Biotin is a water-soluble B-vitamin, also called vitamin B7 and formerly known as vitamin H or coenzyme R. It is composed of a ureido ring fused with a tetrahydrothiophene ring. A valeric acid substituent is attached to one of the carbon atoms of the tetrahydrothiophene ring.
urea (37955-36-5, 57-13-6, 4744-36-9)  
Carbamide  ·  Carmol  ·  Basodexan
Urea, also known as carbamide, is an organic compound with chemical formula CO(NH2)2. This amide has two –NH2 groups joined by a carbonyl (C=O) functional group. Urea serves an important role in the metabolism of nitrogen-containing compounds by animals and is the main nitrogen-containing substance in the urine of mammals.
allantoin (97-59-6)  
Herpecin L  ·  HerpecinL  ·  Woun'dres
Allantoin is a chemical compound with formula C4H6N4O3. It is also called 5-ureidohydantoin or glyoxyldiureide. It is a diureide of glyoxylic acid.
L-citrulline (372-75-8)  
The organic compound citrulline is an α-amino acid. Its name is derived from citrullus, the Latin word for watermelon, from which it was first isolated in 1914 by Koga and Odake. It was finally identified by Wada in 1930.
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