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Allyl phenyl ether (1746-13-0)  
phenyl allyl ether  ·  phenyl 2-propen-1-yl ether
Allyl phenyl ether (C9H10O) is a clear and very slight yellow liquid that is stable under normal temperatures and pressures. For the most part it is a fairly stable compound, however if it decomposes, toxic fumes can be produced, such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Allyl phenyl ether is a good starting reactant for many different experiments.

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Allyl phenyl sulfone (16212-05-8)  
allyl phenyl sulphone
31515-43-2 (31515-43-2)  
NSC 624231  ·  NSC-624231  ·  2'-nitrophenylphenylsulfone
Ethynylbenzene (536-74-3)  
phenylacetylene  ·  phenyl-acetylene  ·  phenylethyne
Phenylacetylene is an alkyne hydrocarbon containing a phenyl group. It exists as a colorless, viscous liquid. In research, it is sometimes used as an analog for acetylene; being a liquid, it is easier to handle than acetylene gas.
Cyclohexyl isocyanide (931-53-3)  
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