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4,4'-Sulfonyldiphenol (80-09-1)  
bis(4-hydroxyphenyl)sulfone  ·  bisphenol S
Bisphenol S (BPS) is an organic compound with the formula (HOC6H4)2SO2. It has two phenol functional groups on either side of a sulfonyl group. It is commonly used in curing fast-drying epoxy resin adhesives.

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31515-43-2 (31515-43-2)  
NSC 624231  ·  NSC-624231  ·  2'-nitrophenylphenylsulfone
Allyl phenyl sulfone (16212-05-8)  
allyl phenyl sulphone
4-Chlorophenyl methyl sulfone (98-57-7)  
CPMSO2  ·  para-chlorophenyl methyl sulfone
Propyl sulfone (598-03-8)  
dipropyl sulfone, 35S-labeled  ·  dipropyl sulfone
312-30-1 (312-30-1)  
difluorodinitrobenzene sulfone  ·  4,4'-difluoro-3,3'-dinitrodiphenylsulfone  ·  DFDNPS
4,4-dichlorophenylsulfone  ·  bis(para-chlorophenyl)sulfone  ·  bis(4-chlorophenyl) sulfone
4,4'-Dichlorodiphenyl sulfone (DCDPS) is an organic compound with the formula (ClC6H4)2SO2. Classified as a sulfone, this white solid is most commonly used as a precursor to polymers that are rigid and temperature resistant such as PES or Udel.
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