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Fluoroacetyl chloride is an acyl chloride. In 1948, William E. Truce of Purdue University described a synthesis of fluoroacetyl chloride which was undertaken "because of its potential value for introducing the group, —COCH2F, into organic molecules." In this synthesis, he reacted sodium fluoroacetate with phosphorus pentachloride to obtain the desired compound.
BROMOACETONE (598-31-2)  
Bromoacetone is an organic compound with the formula CH3COCH2Br. This colorless liquid is a lachrymatory agent. It is a precursor to other organic compounds.
ALLYL BROMIDE (106-95-6)  
Allyl bromide (3-bromopropene) is an organic halide. Allyl bromide is an alkylating agent used in synthesis of polymers, pharmaceuticals, allyls and other organic compounds. Physically, allyl bromide is a clear liquid with an intense, acrid, and persistent smell.

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Prifinium (10236-81-4)  
padrin  ·  pyrodifenium bromide  ·  prifinium bromide
Penthienate (22064-27-3)  
Penthienate is an antimuscarinic.
2-Bromo-4'-fluoroacetophenone (403-29-2)  
4-fluorophenacyl bromide  ·  (18F) 4-fluorophenacyl bromide
135-73-9 (135-73-9)  
4-phenylphenacyl bromide  ·  2-bromo-4'-phenylacetophenone
methantheline (5818-17-7)  
Banthine  ·  methantheline bromide  ·  Vagantin
Methantheline is an antimuscarinic.
4-Nitrophenethyl bromide (5339-26-4)  
NPB  ·  4-nitrophenyl-ethyl-bromide
Decyltrimethylammonium bromide (2082-84-0)  
DTAB  ·  decyltrimethylammonium  ·  decyltrimethylammonium mesylate salt
valethamate bromide (90-22-2)  
valethamate  ·  Epidosin  ·  N,N-diethyl-N-methyl-2-(3-methyl-2-phenylvaleryloxy)ethylammonium bromide
domiphen bromide (538-71-6)  
domiphen  ·  domiphen hydroxide  ·  domiphen chloride
Domiphen bromide is a chemical antiseptic and a quaternary ammonium compound.
Didecyldimethylammonium bromide (2390-68-3)  
didecyldimethylammonium  ·  didecyldimethylammonium chloride  ·  deciquam 222
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