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Penthienate (22064-27-3)  
Penthienate is an antimuscarinic.
methantheline (5818-17-7)  
Banthine  ·  methantheline bromide  ·  Vagantin
Methantheline is an antimuscarinic.
Thonzonium bromide is a monocationic detergent. A solution of it is thus a surfactant and a detergent that promotes tissue contact by dispersion and penetration of the cellular debris and exudate of the containing solution. It is used in cortisporin-TC ear drops to help penetration of active ingredients through cellular debris for its antibacterial action.
Oxyphenonium  ·  Methacin  ·  2-((Cyclohexylhydroxyphenylacetyl)oxy)-N,N-diethyl-N-methylethanaminium
Oxyphenonium bromide is an antimuscarinic.
domiphen bromide (538-71-6)  
domiphen  ·  domiphen hydroxide  ·  domiphen chloride
Domiphen bromide is a chemical antiseptic and a quaternary ammonium compound.
demecarium  ·  Humorsol  ·  Tosmilen
Demecarium bromide is a parasympathomimetic that acts as an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor. It is one of several topical (applied directly to the affected area) medications used to reduce elevated intraocular pressure (IOP) associated with primary glaucoma in cats, dogs, and other animals.
Otilonium Bromide (26095-59-0)  
Spasmomen  ·  N-diethylmethylammoniummethyl-p-(2-(N-octyloxy)benzoyl)aminobenzoate bromide  ·  octylonium
Otilonium bromide is an antimuscarinic and calcium channel blocker used to relieve spasmodic pain of the gut, especially in irritable bowel syndrome. It is sold under the trade name Spasmoctyl 40, and as Doralin in Greece.
Cetrimonium bromide (57-09-0)  
CTAB  ·  cetyltrimethylammonium bromide  ·  cetrimide
Cetrimonium bromide [(C16H33)N(CH3)3]Br; cetyltrimethylammonium bromide; hexadecyltrimethylammonium bromide; CTAB] is a quaternary ammonium surfactant. It is one of the components of the topical antiseptic cetrimide. The cetrimonium (hexadecyltrimethylammonium) cation is an effective antiseptic agent against bacteria and fungi.

Related Results:
AMMONIUM BROMIDE (12124-97-9)  
ammonium bromide, (82)Br-labeled
Ammonium bromide, NH4Br, is the ammonium salt of hydrobromic acid. The chemical crystallizes in colorless prisms, possessing a saline taste; it sublimes on heating and is easily soluble in water. On exposure to air it gradually assumes a yellow color because of the oxidation of traces of bromide (Br−) to bromine (Br2).
Tetrabutylammonium bromide (1643-19-2)  
tetrabutylammonium  ·  tetrabutylammonium hydroxide  ·  tetrabutylammonium fluoride
Tetra-n-butylammonium bromide (TBAB) is a quaternary ammonium salt with a bromide counterion commonly used as a phase transfer catalyst. It is used to prepare many other tetrabutylammonium salts via salt metathesis reactions.
16056-11-4 (16056-11-4)  
phenyltrimethylammonium  ·  trimethylanilinium  ·  trimethylphenylammonium hydroxide
benzyltrimethylammonium  ·  benzyltrimethylammonium hydroxide  ·  benzyltrimethylammonium chloride
124-03-8 (124-03-8)  
cetyldimethylethylammonium  ·  cetyldimethylethylammonium bromide
Tetrabutylphosphonium bromide (3115-68-2)  
tetrabutylphosphonium chloride  ·  Bu4PBr  ·  tetrabutylphosphonium
Benzalkonium bromide (7281-04-1, 91080-29-4, 8043-47-8)  
dimethyldodecylbenzylammonium bromide  ·  benzyldimethyldodecylammonium bromide  ·  benzyl dimethyl dodecyl ammonium
Benzododecinium bromide (systematic name dimethyldodecylbenzylammonium bromide) is a quaternary ammonium compound used as antiseptic and disinfectant (phenol coefficient is 20-30). It is highly soluble in water and has properties of cationic surfactant. Benzododecinium bromide is effective against gram-positive microbes.
ethylpyridinium  ·  ethylpyridinium bromide  ·  N-ethylpyridinium
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