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1-BROMONAPHTHALENE (90-11-9, 27497-51-4)  
1-Bromonaphthalene is an organic compound with the formula C10H7Br. It is one of two isomeric bromonaphthalenes, the other being 2-bromonaphthalene. Under normal conditions, the substance is a colorless liquid.
clidinium  ·  clidinium iodide, 3H-labeled  ·  clidinium, 1-(methyl-11C)-labeled
Otilonium Bromide (26095-59-0)  
Spasmomen  ·  N-diethylmethylammoniummethyl-p-(2-(N-octyloxy)benzoyl)aminobenzoate bromide  ·  octylonium
Otilonium bromide is an antimuscarinic and calcium channel blocker used to relieve spasmodic pain of the gut, especially in irritable bowel syndrome. It is sold under the trade name Spasmoctyl 40, and as Doralin in Greece.
neostigmine bromide (114-80-7)  
Neostigmine  ·  Prostigmin  ·  Prostigmine
Neostigmine, sold under the brand name Prostigmin among others, is a medication used to treat myasthenia gravis, Ogilvie syndrome, and urinary retention without the presence of a blockage. It is also used together with atropine to end the effects of neuromuscular blocking medication of the non-depolarizing type. It is given by injection either into a vein, muscle, or under the skin.

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Prifinium (10236-81-4)  
padrin  ·  pyrodifenium bromide  ·  prifinium bromide
Penthienate (22064-27-3)  
Penthienate is an antimuscarinic.
2-Bromo-4'-fluoroacetophenone (403-29-2)  
4-fluorophenacyl bromide  ·  (18F) 4-fluorophenacyl bromide
135-73-9 (135-73-9)  
4-phenylphenacyl bromide  ·  2-bromo-4'-phenylacetophenone
methantheline (5818-17-7)  
Banthine  ·  methantheline bromide  ·  Vagantin
Methantheline is an antimuscarinic.
4-Nitrophenethyl bromide (5339-26-4)  
NPB  ·  4-nitrophenyl-ethyl-bromide
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