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Didecyldimethylammonium bromide (2390-68-3)  
didecyldimethylammonium  ·  didecyldimethylammonium chloride  ·  deciquam 222
prifinium bromide (4630-95-9)  
prifinium  ·  padrin  ·  pyrodifenium bromide
Prifinium bromide is an antimuscarinic.
1120-02-1 (1120-02-1)  
ODTEA Br cpd  ·  octadecyltrimethylammonium bromide
Otilonium Bromide (26095-59-0)  
Spasmomen  ·  N-diethylmethylammoniummethyl-p-(2-(N-octyloxy)benzoyl)aminobenzoate bromide  ·  octylonium
Otilonium bromide is an antimuscarinic and calcium channel blocker used to relieve spasmodic pain of the gut, especially in irritable bowel syndrome. It is sold under the trade name Spasmoctyl 40, and as Doralin in Greece.
Oxyphenonium  ·  Methacin  ·  2-((Cyclohexylhydroxyphenylacetyl)oxy)-N,N-diethyl-N-methylethanaminium
Oxyphenonium bromide is an antimuscarinic.
Dimidium bromide (518-67-2, 20566-69-2)  
dimidium  ·  dimidium chloride
clidinium  ·  clidinium iodide, 3H-labeled  ·  clidinium, 1-(methyl-11C)-labeled
Thiazolyl blue (298-93-1)  
MTT tetrazolium  ·  thiazolyl blue tetrazolium bromide  ·  parent of thiazolyl blue
Thonzonium bromide is a monocationic detergent. A solution of it is thus a surfactant and a detergent that promotes tissue contact by dispersion and penetration of the cellular debris and exudate of the containing solution. It is used in cortisporin-TC ear drops to help penetration of active ingredients through cellular debris for its antibacterial action.
Ketoscilium (5868-06-4)  
Fentonium is a belladonna derivative. In the US its patent number is 3,356,682. It is sold by Sanofi-Aventis and Zambon.
14937-45-2 (14937-45-2)  
tributylhexadecylphosphonium bromide  ·  THPB compound
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