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Drugs acting on the cardiovascular system (26)
Pharmaceuticals (21)
Cyclic compounds (16)
Six-membered rings (13)
Antianginals (11)
Antihypertensive agents (11)
Calcium channel blockers (11)
Aromatic compounds (10)
Sodium channel blockers (8)
Dihydropyridines (6)
Potassium channel blockers (6)
Drugs acting on the nervous system (5)
Anticonvulsants (4)
Diuretics (4)
Drugs acting on the gastrointestinal system and metabolism (4)
Nitrobenzenes (4)
Pyridines (4)
Alkaloids (3)
Anti-diabetic drugs (3)
Antimineralocorticoids (3)
Cardiovascular system drug (3)
Chloroarenes (3)
Potassium-sparing diuretics (3)
Amines (2)
Bases (chemistry) (2)
Cardenolides (2)
Cardiac glycosides (2)
Drugs acting on the genito-urinary system (2)
Five-membered rings (2)
Piperidines (2)
Psychoactive drugs (2)
Sulfonylureas (2)
Acids (1)
Antiemetics (1)
Antihypertensive agent (1)
Antineoplastic and immunomodulating drugs (1)
Antineoplastic drugs (1)
Anxiolytics (1)
Aromatase inhibitors (1)
Aromatic acids (1)
Aromatic amines (1)
Azetidines (1)
Barbiturates (1)
Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors (1)
Carboxylic acids (1)
Consumer Ingredients (1)
Dopamine antagonists (1)
Drugs acting on the musculoskeletal system (1)
Estrogens (1)
Ethers (1)
Fluoroarenes (1)
Four-membered rings (1)
Gastrointestinal system drug (1)
Hormonal agents (1)
Hormonal antineoplastic drugs (1)
Meglitinides (1)
Motility stimulants (1)
Musculoskeletal system drug (1)
Organic acids (1)
Piperazines (1)
Pyrrolines (1)
Selective estrogen receptor modulators (1)
Sex hormones (1)
Systemic hormonal preparations (1)
Tocolytics (1)
Triazoles (1)
Ureas (1)


Sigma Aldrich (22)
AK Scientific (16)
Matrix Scientific (9)
Frontier Scientific (3)
Oakwood Chemical (3)
Toronto Research Chemicals (3)
Apollo Scientific (2)
SynQuest Laboratories (2)
Accela (1)

Phenytoin (57-41-0, 630-93-3)  
Dilantin  ·  Diphenylhydantoin  ·  Phenytoin Sodium
Phenytoin (PHT), sold under the brand name Dilantin among others, is an anti-seizure medication. It is useful for the prevention of tonic-clonic seizures and partial seizures, but not absence seizures. The intravenous form is used for status epilepticus that does not improve with benzodiazepines.
4-aminopyridine (504-24-5)  
VMI103  ·  Fampridine SR  ·  Fampridine-SR
4-Aminopyridine (4-AP, fampridine, dalfampridine) is an organic compound with the chemical formula C5H4N–NH2. The molecule is one of the three isomeric amines of pyridine. It is used as a research tool in characterizing subtypes of the potassium channel.
zonisamide (68291-97-4)  
Zonisamide is a medication used to treat the symptoms of epilepsy and Parkinson's disease. Chemically it is a sulfonamide. It serves as an anticonvulsant used primarily as an adjunctive therapy in adults with Parkinson's disease, partial-onset seizures; infantile spasm, mixed seizure types of Lennox–Gastaut syndrome, myoclonic and generalized tonic clonic seizure.
nifedipine (21829-25-4)  
Procardia  ·  Adalat  ·  Procardia XL
Nifedipine, sold under the brand names Adalat among others, is a medication used to manage angina, high blood pressure, Raynaud's phenomenon, and premature labor. It is one of the treatments of choice for Prinzmetal angina. It may be used to treat severe high blood pressure in pregnancy.
primidone (125-33-7)  
Mysoline  ·  Sertan  ·  AstraZeneca Brand of Primidone
Primidone (INN, BAN, USP) is an anticonvulsant of the barbiturate class. It is a structural analog of phenobarbital and related to barbiturate-derivative anticonvulsants. The active metabolites, phenobarbital, p-hydroxyphenobarbital, and phenylethylmalonamide, are also anticonvulsants.
digitoxin (8006-96-0, 71-63-6, 87112-48-9)  
Digitaline Nativelle  ·  corax Brand of Digitoxin  ·  Chauvin Brand of Digitoxin
Digitoxin is a cardiac glycoside. It is a phytosteroid and is similar in structure and effects to digoxin (though the effects are longer-lasting). Unlike digoxin (which is eliminated from the body via the kidneys), it is eliminated via the liver, so could be used in patients with poor or erratic kidney function.
felodipine (72509-76-3)  
Agon  ·  Plendil  ·  Fensel
Felodipine is a medication of the calcium channel blocker type which is used to treat high blood pressure.
nimodipine (66085-59-4)  
Modus  ·  Admon  ·  Nimotop
Nimodipine (marketed by Bayer as Nimotop) is a dihydropyridine calcium channel blocker originally developed for the treatment of high blood pressure. It is not frequently used for this indication, but has shown good results in preventing a major complication of subarachnoid hemorrhage (a form of cerebral hemorrhage) termed vasospasm; this is now the main use of nimodipine.
baclofen (62594-36-9, 1134-47-0)  
Lioresal  ·  Genpharm  ·  beta-(p-Chlorophenyl)-gamma-aminobutyric Acid
Baclofen, sold under the brand name Lioresal among others, is a medication used to treat spasticity. It is used as a central nervous system depressant and skeletal muscle relaxant although its effectiveness has not been clearly shown. It is also used in topical creams to help with pain.
disopyramide (3737-09-5, 54687-36-4)  
Norpace  ·  Disopyramide Phosphate  ·  Ritmilen
Disopyramide (INN, trade names Norpace and Rythmodan) is an antiarrhythmic medication used in the treatment of ventricular tachycardia. It is a sodium channel blocker and therefore classified as a Class 1a anti-arrhythmic agent. Disopyramide has a negative inotropic effect on the ventricular myocardium, significantly decreasing the contractility.
isradipine (75695-93-1)  
Dynacirc  ·  Lomir  ·  PN 200-110
Isradipine (tradenames DynaCirc, Prescal) is a calcium channel blocker of the dihydropyridine class. It is usually prescribed for the treatment of high blood pressure in order to reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack. Isradipine is given as either a 2.5 mg or 5 mg capsule.
Rufinamide (106308-44-5)  
Rufinamide is an anticonvulsant medication. It is used in combination with other medication and therapy to treat Lennox–Gastaut syndrome and various other seizure disorders. Rufinamide, a triazole derivative, was developed in 2004 by Novartis Pharma, AG, and is manufactured by Eisai.
nilvadipine (75530-68-6)  
Escor  ·  Nivadil  ·  Trommsdorff Brand of Nilvadipine
Nilvadipine is a calcium channel blocker (CCB) used for the treatment of hypertension and chronic major cerebral artery occlusion. Pathohistochemical studies have revealed that the volume of the infarction in the middle cerebral artery occlusion model could be decreased by nilvadipine.
glimepiride (684286-46-2, 93479-97-1)  
Amaryl  ·  Amarel  ·  Aventis brand of glimepiride
Glimepiride (original trade name Amaryl) is an orally available medium-to-long-acting sulfonylurea antidiabetic drug. It is sometimes classified as either the first third-generation sulfonylurea, or as second-generation.
domperidone (57808-66-9)  
Motilium  ·  Apo-Domperidone  ·  Gastrocure
Domperidone, sold under the brand name Motilium among others, is a peripherally selective dopamine D2 receptor antagonist that was developed by Janssen Pharmaceutica and is used as an antiemetic, gastroprokinetic agent, and galactagogue. It may be administered orally or rectally, and is available in the form of tablets, orally disintegrating tablets (based on Zydis technology), suspension, and suppositories. The drug is used to relieve nausea and vomiting; to increase the transit of food through the stomach (by increasing gastrointestinal peristalsis); and to promote lactation (breast milk production) by release of prolactin.
niflumic acid (4394-00-7)  
Donalgin  ·  UPSA Conseil Brand of Niflumic Acid  ·  Nifluril
Niflumic acid is a drug used for joint and muscular pain. It is categorized as an inhibitor of cyclooxygenase-2. In experimental biology, it has been employed to inhibit chloride channels.
Gliquidone (33342-05-1, 62783-47-5)  
gliquidone, monosodium salt  ·  gliquidone, calcium salt  ·  Beglynora
Gliquidone (INN, sold under the trade name Glurenorm) is an anti-diabetic medication in the sulfonylurea class. It is classified as a second-generation sulfonylurea. It is used in the treatment of diabetes mellitus type 2.
3,4-DIAMINOPYRIDINE (54-96-6)  
amifampridine  ·  Firdapse  ·  amifampridine phosphate
Amifampridine (pyridine-3,4-diamine, 3,4-diaminopyridine, 3,4-DAP) is used as a drug, predominantly in the treatment of a number of rare muscle diseases. The free base form of the drug has been used to treat congenital myasthenic syndromes and Lambert–Eaton myasthenic syndrome (LEMS) through compassionate use programs since the 1990s and was recommended as a first line treatment for LEMS in 2006, using ad hoc forms of the drug, since there was no marketed form. Around 2000 doctors at Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris created a phosphate salt form, which was developed through a series of companies ending with BioMarin Pharmaceutical which obtained European approval in 2009 under the trade name Firdapse, and which licensed the US rights to Catalyst Pharmaceuticals in 2012.
(+)-Sparteine (492-08-0, 90-39-1)  
Sparteine  ·  Sparteine Sulfate  ·  Sparteine Hydroiodide, (7R-(7alpha,7aalpha,14alpha,14abeta))-Isomer
Sparteine is a class 1a antiarrhythmic agent; a sodium channel blocker. It is an alkaloid and can be extracted from scotch broom. It is the predominant alkaloid in Lupinus mutabilis, and is thought to chelate the bivalent cations calcium and magnesium.
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