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camphor (21368-68-3, 76-22-2, 464-49-3, 8008-51-3, 464-48-2)  
Camphor, (1R)-Isomer  ·  Camphor, (+-)-Isomer  ·  Camphor, (1S)-Isomer
Camphor () is a waxy, flammable, white or transparent solid with a strong aroma. It is a terpenoid with the chemical formula C10H16O. It is found in the wood of the camphor laurel (Cinnamomum camphora), a large evergreen tree found in Asia (particularly in Sumatra and Borneo islands, Indonesia) and also of the unrelated kapur tree, a tall timber tree from the same region.
CAMPHENE (79-92-5, 565-00-4, 5794-04-7)  
Camphene is a bicyclic monoterpene. It is nearly insoluble in water, but very soluble in common organic solvents. It volatilizes readily at room temperature and has a pungent smell.
Entecavir (209216-23-9, 142217-69-4)  
Entecavir (ETV), sold under the brand name Baraclude, is an antiviral medication used in the treatment of hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection. In those with both HIV/AIDS and HBV antiretroviral medication should also be used. Entecavir is taken by mouth as a tablet or solution.
Methylcyclopentane is an organic compound with the chemical formula CH3C5H9. It is a colourless, flammable liquid with a faint odor. It is a component of the naphthene fraction of petroleum.
Galaxolide (1222-05-5)  
hexahydro-hexamethylcyclopenta-benzopyran  ·  HHCB cpd  ·  1,3,4,6,7,8-hexahydro-4,6,6,7,8,8-hexamethyl-cyclopenta-gamma-2-benzopyran
Galaxolide (trade name; also known as Abbalide, Pearlide, Astrolide, Musk 50, Polarlide; chemical name 1,3,4,6,7,8-hexahydro-4,6,6,7,8,8,-hexamethyl-cyclopenta[g]benzopyran or HHCB) is a synthetic fragrance with a clean sweet musky floral woody odor used in fragrances. It is one of the musk components that perfume and cologne manufacturers use to add a musk odor to their products. Galaxolide was first synthesized in 1965, and used in the late 1960s in some fabric softeners and detergents.
Cyclopentanone is the organic compound with the formula (CH2)4CO. This cyclic ketone is a colorless volatile liquid.
GLYCOPYRROLATE (475468-09-8, 53808-86-9, 596-51-0)  
Glycopyrronium Bromide  ·  NVA 237  ·  NVA-237
Glycopyrronium bromide is a medication of the muscarinic anticholinergic group. It does not cross the blood–brain barrier and consequently has no to few central effects. A synthetic quaternary amine, it is available in oral and intravenous forms and as inhalation.
Cyclopentanol or cyclopentyl alcohol is a cyclic alcohol. It is also known as hydroxycyclopentane.
Fenchone (4695-62-9, 1195-79-5, 7787-20-4)  
fenchone, (1S)-isomer  ·  1,3,3-trimethyl-2-norbornanone  ·  fenchone, (+-)-isomer
Fenchone is a natural organic compound classified as a monoterpene and a ketone. It is a colorless oily liquid. It has a structure and an odor similar to those of camphor.
3,3-Tetramethyleneglutarimide (1075-89-4)  
Azaspirodecanedione is a chemical compound. It is a component of the chemical structures of several of the azapirones.
Fenchol (512-13-0, 1632-73-1)  
fenchyl alcohol  ·  fenchol, ((endo)-(+-))-isomer  ·  fenchol, ((exo)-(+-))-isomer
Fenchol or 1,3,3-trimethyl-2-norbornanol is a terpene and an isomer of borneol. The naturally occurring enantiopure (1R)-endo-(+)-fenchol is used extensively in perfumery. Fenchol is also, a scent from basil.
Cyclopentyl methyl ether (5614-37-9)  
Cyclopentyl methyl ether (CPME), also known as methoxycyclopentane, is hydrophobic ether solvent. A high boiling point of 106 °C (223 °F) and preferable characteristics such as low formation of peroxides, relative stability under acidic and basic conditions, formation of azeotropes with water coupled with a narrow explosion range render CPME an alternative to other ethereal solvents such as tetrahydrofuran (THF), 2-methyltetrahydrofuran (2-MeTHF), dioxane (carcinogenic), and 1,2-dimethoxyethane (DME).
Bicyclo[2.2.1]heptan-2-one (497-38-1)  
Norcamphor is an organic compound, classified as a bicyclic ketone. It is an analog of camphor, but without the three methyl groups. A colourless solid, it is used as a building block in organic synthesis.
2-Norbornanone (497-38-1)  
norcamphor  ·  norcamphor, (+-)-isomer
24851-98-7 (24851-98-7)  
methyldihydrojasmonate  ·  Hedione  ·  (+)-(1R,2S)-methyl dihydrojasmonate
Methyl dihydrojasmonate is an aroma compound, that smells vaguely similar to jasmine. In racemic mixtures the odor is floral and citrus while epimerized mixtures exhibit a dense fatty floral odor with odor recognition thresholds of 15 parts per billion. The compound is also known as hedione.
Bicyclo[2.2.1]hept-2-ene (498-66-8)  
norbornene  ·  norbornylene  ·  2-norbornene
Norbornene or norbornylene or norcamphene is a bridged cyclic hydrocarbon. It is a white solid with a pungent sour odor. The molecule consists of a cyclohexene ring with a methylene bridge between C-3 and C-6.
3-Cyclopentylpropionic acid (140-77-2)  
Cypionic acid is a carboxylic acid with the molecular formula C8H14O2. Its salts and esters are known as cypionates or cipionates. The primary use of cypionic acid is in pharmaceutical formulations.
Bromocyclopentane (137-43-9)  
Bromocyclopentane is an alkyl halide with the chemical formula C5H9Br. It is a colorless to light yellow liquid at standard temperature and pressure.
NORBORNANE (279-23-2)  
bicyclo(2.2.1)heptene  ·  b(2.2.1)heptene  ·  bicyclo(2.2.1)heptane
Norbornane (also known as bicyclo[2.2.1]heptane) is an organic compound and a saturated hydrocarbon with chemical formula C7H12. It is a crystalline compound with melting point 88 °C. The carbon skeleton is derived from cyclohexane ring with a methylene bridge in the 1,4- position, and is a bridged bicyclic compound.
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