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Alkaloids, Antineoplastic and immunomodulating drug, Ketones


Antineoplastic and immunomodulating drugs (2)


Sigma Aldrich (1)

Demecolcine (477-30-5)  
Colcemid  ·  Colcemide  ·  Colchamine
colcemid (477-30-5)  
Demecolcine  ·  Colcemide  ·  Colchamine
Demecolcine, also known as Colcemid, is a drug used in chemotherapy. It is closely related to the natural alkaloid colchicine with the replacement of the acetyl group on the amino moiety with methyl, but it is less toxic. It depolymerises microtubules and limits microtubule formation (inactivates spindle fibre formation), thus arresting cells in metaphase and allowing cell harvest and karyotyping to be performed.
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