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Sigma Aldrich (2)

chlordane (33442-85-2, 5103-74-2, 57-74-9, 12789-03-6)  
Chlordan  ·  gamma-Chlordane  ·  gamma Chlordane
The name Chlordane, or chlordan, is commonly used as both a specific chemical (with trans-and cis- isomers) and as a mixture of compounds (main components- heptachlor, chlordane, and nonachlor). This mixture, more specifically called technical chlordane, was first produced in the 1940s. These highly chlorinated cyclodienes are both resistant to degradation in the environment and in humans/animals and readily accumulate in lipids (fats) of human/animals.
gamma-Chlordan (5566-34-7)  
Chlordane  ·  Chlordan  ·  gamma-Chlordane