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Carboxylic acids, Halides


Acids (13)
Organic acids (13)
Organohalides (13)
Organofluorides (7)
Organochlorides (6)
Halogen-containing natural products (2)
Alcohols (1)
Chalcogenides (1)
Cyclic compounds (1)
Ethers (1)
Five-membered rings (1)
Organohalide (1)
Pharmaceuticals (1)
Sulfides (1)
Tetrazoles (1)


Sigma Aldrich (8)
Matrix Scientific (7)
TCI Chemicals (7)
Apollo Scientific (4)
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Dichlorprop (120-36-5, 15165-67-0)  
dichlorprop, (S)-isomer  ·  2-(2,4-dichlorophenoxy)propionic acid  ·  dichlorprop, sodium salt
Dichlorprop is a chlorophenoxy herbicide similar in structure to 2,4-D that is used to kill annual and perennial broadleaf weeds. It is a component of many common weedkillers. About 4 million pounds of dichlorprop are used annually in the United States.
Fluroxypyr (69377-81-7)  
Fluroxypyr is an herbicide in the class of synthetic auxins. It is used to control broadleaf weeds and woody brush. It is formulated as the 1-methylheptyl ester (fluroxypyr-MHE).
2,2-Dichloropropionic acid (75-99-0)  
dalapon  ·  dalapon, calcium salt  ·  dalapon, sodium salt
Dalapon is a selective herbicide used to control perennial grasses. The major use of dalapon is on food crops including sugarcane and sugar beets. Its use is no longer authorized in France.
sodium fluoroacetate  ·  Compound 1080  ·  monofluoroacetate
Fluoroacetic acid is a chemical compound with formula CH2FCOOH. The sodium salt, sodium fluoroacetate, is used as a pesticide. It inhibits the aconitase step of the citric acid cycle.
2-Chloropropionic acid (28554-00-9, 598-78-7)  
2-chloropropionic acid, (S)-isomer  ·  2-chloropropionic acid, sodium salt  ·  2-chloropropionate
2-Chloropropionic acid is the chemical compound with the formula CH3CHClCO2H. This colorless liquid is the simplest chiral chlorocarboxylic acid, and it is noteworthy for being readily available as a single enantiomer.
Flomoxef (99665-00-6)  
Flomoxef (INN) is an oxacephem antibiotic. It has been classified as second-generation and fourth-generation.
difluoroacetic acid, 2-(14)C-labeled  ·  difluoroacetic acid, ammonium salt  ·  difluoroacetic acid, copper (+2) salt
Difluoroacetic acid is a chemical compound with formula CHF2COOH. It is a dihalogenocarboxylic acid, specifically a structural analog of acetic acid with two of three hydrogen atoms on the alpha carbon replaced with fluorine atoms. In solution, it dissociates to form difluoroacetate ions.
Heptafluorobutyric acid (375-22-4)  
perfluorobutyric acid  ·  perfluorobutyrate  ·  perfluorobutanoic acid
Heptafluorobutyric acid (HFBA) is an organofluorine compound with the formula C3F7CO2H. As the fluorinated derivative of butyric acid, this colourless liquid is prepared by electrofluorination of the corresponding butyryl fluoride.
5-Fluoroorotic acid (703-95-7)  
fluoroorotic acid
5-Fluoroorotic acid (5FOA) is a fluorinated derivative of the pyrimidine precursor orotic acid. It is used in yeast genetics to select for the absence of the URA3 gene, which encodes the enzyme for the decarboxylation of 5-fluoroorotic acid to 5-fluorouracil, a toxic metabolite.
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