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Drugs acting on the respiratory system, Mast cell stabilizers


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azelastine (58581-89-8)  
Astelin  ·  Optivar  ·  azelastine hydrochloride
Azelastine is a potent, second-generation, selective, histamine antagonist (histamine-H1-receptor antagonist) used as a first line therapy of mild intermittent, moderate/severe intermittent and mild persistent rhinitis (new classification system for rhinitis). Azelastine has been formulated both as a nasal spray and as eye drops and are available worldwide under many brand names.
cromolyn (16110-51-3)  
Cromolyn Sodium  ·  Cromoglycate  ·  Intal
Cromoglicic acid (INN) (also referred to as cromolyn (USAN), cromoglycate (former BAN), or cromoglicate) is traditionally described as a mast cell stabilizer, and is commonly marketed as the sodium salt sodium cromoglicate or cromolyn sodium. This drug prevents the release of inflammatory chemicals such as histamine from mast cells. Because of their convenience (and perceived safety), leukotriene receptor antagonists have largely replaced it as the non-corticosteroid treatment of choice in the treatment of asthma.
NEDOCROMIL (69049-73-6)  
Nedocromil sodium is a medication considered as mast cell stabilizer which act to prevent wheezing, shortness of breath, and other breathing problems caused by asthma. It is administered by an inhaler under the brand name Tilade (although its effects in this form are far less than those in albuterol or other well-known inhaler medications) and as an eye drop under the brand name Alocril. Liquid preparations are available in the UK under the name Rapitil for use for allergic eye reactions.
epinastine (134507-58-7, 134507-57-6, 80012-43-7)  
WAL 801 CL  ·  WAL-80 Cl  ·  Flurinol
Epinastine (brand names Alesion, Elestat, Purivist, Relestat) is a second-generation antihistamine and mast cell stabilizer that is used in eye drops to treat allergic conjunctivitis. It is produced by Allergan and marketed by Inspire in the United States. It is highly selective for the H1 receptor and does not cross the blood-brain-barrier.
Bepotastine (125602-71-3)  
Bepotastine (Talion, Bepreve) is a 2nd generation antihistamine. It was approved in Japan for use in the treatment of allergic rhinitis and urticaria/pruritus in July 2000 and January 2002, respectively. It is currently marketed in the United States under the brand-name Bepreve, by ISTA Pharmaceuticals.
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