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Ether solvents


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tert-Butyl methyl ether (1634-04-4)  
MTBE  ·  methyl t-butyl ether  ·  methyl tert-butyl ether
Methyl tert-butyl ether (also known as MTBE and tert-butyl methyl ether) is an organic compound with a structural formula (CH3)3COCH3. MTBE is a volatile, flammable, and colorless liquid that is sparingly soluble in water. It has a minty odor vaguely reminiscent of diethyl ether, leading to unpleasant taste and odor in water.
Morpholine (110-91-8, 1109-91-8, 61791-40-0, 110-91-8)  
morpholine hydrochloride  ·  morpholine phosphate (3:1)  ·  morpholine phosphonate (1:1)
Morpholine is an organic chemical compound having the chemical formula O(CH2CH2)2NH. This heterocycle features both amine and ether functional groups. Because of the amine, morpholine is a base; its conjugate acid is called morpholinium.
TETRAHYDROFURAN (24979-97-3, 109-99-9)  
Tetrahydrofuran (THF), whose preferred IUPAC name was changed in 2013 to oxolane, is an organic compound with the formula (CH2)4O. The compound is classified as heterocyclic compound, specifically a cyclic ether. It is a colorless, water-miscible organic liquid with low viscosity.
Diethylene glycol (DEG) is an organic compound with the formula (HOCH2CH2)2O. It is a colorless, practically odorless, poisonous, and hygroscopic liquid with a sweetish taste. It is miscible in water, alcohol, ether, acetone, and ethylene glycol.
tert-Butyl ethyl ether (637-92-3)  
ETBE  ·  2-ethoxy-2-methylpropane  ·  ethyl tert-butyl ether
Ethyl tert-butyl ether (ETBE) is commonly used as an oxygenate gasoline additive in the production of gasoline from crude oil. ETBE offers equal or greater air quality benefits than ethanol, while being technically and logistically less challenging. Unlike ethanol, ETBE does not induce evaporation of gasoline, which is one of the causes of smog, and does not absorb moisture from the atmosphere.
2-(2-Methoxyethoxy)ethanol (111-77-3)  
2-MEE cpd
2-(2-Methoxyethoxy)ethanol, also known under trade names Methyl Carbitol, is an industrial solvent and is also commonly used as a Fuel System Icing Inhibitor (FSII) in jet fuels. It is a clear, colorless, hygroscopic liquid. Structurally it is an alcohol and an ether, with a formula CH3OCH2CH2OCH2CH2OH.
DIETHYL ETHER (70131-58-7, 60-29-7, 60-29-7, 100-41-4, 68991-48-0, 69013-19-0, 71011-10-4, 69227-20-9)  
Ether  ·  Ethyl Ether
Ethers () are a class of organic compounds that contain an ether group—an oxygen atom connected to two alkyl or aryl groups. They have the general formula R–O–R′, where R and R′ represent the alkyl or aryl groups. Ethers can again be classified into two varieties: if the alkyl groups are the same on both sides of the oxygen atom, then it is a simple or symmetrical ether, whereas if they are different, the ethers are called mixed or unsymmetrical ethers.
Diisopropyl ether (108-20-3)  
isopropyl ether
Diisopropyl ether is secondary ether that is used as a solvent. It is a colorless liquid that is slightly soluble in water, but miscible with organic solvents. It is used as an extractant and an oxygenate gasoline additive.
Dimethoxymethane (109-87-5)  
Dimethoxymethane, also called methylal, is a colorless flammable liquid with a low boiling point, low viscosity and excellent dissolving power. It has a chloroform-like odor and a pungent taste. It is the dimethyl acetal of formaldehyde.
Methoxyethane (540-67-0, 69012-85-7)  
Methoxyethane, also known as ethyl methyl ether, is an ethyl group with a bonded methoxy. Methoxyethane is a colorless gaseous ether with a medicine-like odor. It is extremely flammable, and its inhalation may cause asphyxiation or dizziness.
1,2-DIMETHOXYETHANE (110-71-4)  
dimethoxyethane  ·  ethylene glycol dimethyl ether  ·  1,2-dimethoxyethane, conjugate monoacid
Dimethoxyethane, also known as glyme, monoglyme, dimethyl glycol, ethylene glycol dimethyl ether, dimethyl cellosolve, and DME, is a colorless, aprotic, and liquid ether that is used as a solvent, especially in batteries. Dimethoxyethane is miscible with water.
Tetrahydropyran (THP) is the organic compound consisting of a saturated six-membered ring containing five carbon atoms and one oxygen atom. It is named by reference to pyran, which contains two double bonds, and may be produced from it by adding four hydrogens. In 2013, its preferred IUPAC name was established as oxane.
2-METHYLTETRAHYDROFURAN (96-47-9, 25265-68-3)  
2-Methyltetrahydrofuran is an organic compound with the molecular formula CH3C4H7O. It is a highly flammable mobile liquid. It is mainly used as a replacement for THF in specialized applications for its better performance, such as to obtain higher reaction temperatures, or easier separations (as, unlike THF, it is not miscible with water).
Cyclopentyl methyl ether (5614-37-9)  
Cyclopentyl methyl ether (CPME), also known as methoxycyclopentane, is hydrophobic ether solvent. A high boiling point of 106 °C (223 °F) and preferable characteristics such as low formation of peroxides, relative stability under acidic and basic conditions, formation of azeotropes with water coupled with a narrow explosion range render CPME an alternative to other ethereal solvents such as tetrahydrofuran (THF), 2-methyltetrahydrofuran (2-MeTHF), dioxane (carcinogenic), and 1,2-dimethoxyethane (DME).
Di-tert-butyl ether (6163-66-2)  
Di-tert-butyl ether is a tertiary ether that is used as a solvent.
Tetrahydrofuran-D8 (1693-74-9)  
Deuterated tetrahydrofuran (d8-THF), is a colourless, organic liquid at standard temperature and pressure. This heterocyclic compound has the chemical formula C4D8O, and is an isotopologue of tetrahydrofuran. Deuterated THF is used as a solvent in NMR spectroscopy, though its expense can sometimes be prohibitive.