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Metal halides, Mercury compounds


Halides (3)
Salts (3)
Chlorides (2)
Pharmaceuticals (2)
Iodides (1)


Sigma Aldrich (3)

Dichloromercury (7487-94-7)  
Sublimate  ·  Mercuric Chloride  ·  Corrosive Sublimate
Mercury(II) chloride or mercuric chloride (archaically, corrosive sublimate) is the chemical compound of mercury and chlorine with the formula HgCl2. This white crystalline solid is a laboratory reagent and a molecular compound. Once used as a treatment for syphilis, it is no longer used for medicinal purposes because of mercury toxicity and the availability of superior treatments.
Mercury diiodide (7774-29-0)  
mercuric iodide  ·  HgI2  ·  mercuric iodide, red
Mercury(II) iodide is a chemical compound with the molecular formula HgI2. It is typically produced synthetically but can also be found in nature as the extremely rare mineral coccinite. Unlike the related mercury(II) chloride it is hardly soluble in water (<100 ppm).
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