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Pyrimidines, Gastrointestinal system drug


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GLYMIDINE (339-44-6, 3459-20-9)  
glidiazine  ·  glycodiazine
Glymidine sodium (INN, also known as glycodiazine; trade name Gondafon) is a sulfonamide antidiabetic drug, structurally related to the sulfonylureas. It was first reported in 1964, and introduced to clinical use in Europe in the mid to late 1960s.
Revaprazan (199463-33-7)  
Revaprazan (trade name Revanex) is a drug that reduces gastric acid secretion which is used for the treatment of gastritis. It acts as an acid pump antagonist (potassium-competitive acid blocker). Revaprazan is approved for use in Korea, but is not approved in Europe or the United States.
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