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Pyrimidines, Halides


Cyclic compounds (5)
Organohalides (5)
Six-membered rings (5)
Organobromides (2)
Organofluorides (2)
Pharmaceuticals (2)
Alkylating antineoplastic agents (1)
Antineoplastic and immunomodulating drug (1)
Antineoplastic and immunomodulating drugs (1)
Antineoplastic drugs (1)
Aromatic compounds (1)
DNA replication inhibitors (1)
Drugs acting on the gastrointestinal system and metabolism (1)
Drugs for acid-related disorders (1)
Fluoroarenes (1)
Gastrointestinal system drug (1)
Nitrosoureas (1)
Organochlorides (1)
Proton pump inhibitors (1)
Ureas (1)


Toronto Research Chemicals (2)
AK Scientific (1)
Matrix Scientific (1)
Sigma Aldrich (1)
TCI Chemicals (1)

Voriconazole (137234-62-9)  
Voriconazole, sold under the brand name Vfend among others, is an antifungal medication used to treat a number of fungal infections. This includes aspergillosis, candidiasis, coccidioidomycosis, histoplasmosis, penicilliosis, and infections by Scedosporium or Fusarium. It can be taken by mouth or used by injection into a vein.
Etravirine (269055-15-4)  
Etravirine (ETR, brand name Intelence, formerly known as TMC125) is a drug used for the treatment of HIV. Etravirine is a non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NNRTI). Unlike the currently available agents in the class, resistance to other NNRTIs does not seem to confer resistance to etravirine.
NIMUSTINE (42471-28-3)  
ACNU  ·  NSC 245382
Nimustine (INN) is a nitrosourea alkylating agent.
Brodimoprim (56518-41-3)  
2,4-diamino-5-(4-bromo-3,5-dimethoxybenzyl)pyrimidine  ·  Ro-10-5970  ·  Ro 10-5970
Brodimoprim is a structural derivative of trimethoprim. In brodimoprim, the 4-methoxy group of trimethoprim is replaced with a bromine atom. As trimethoprim, brodimoprim is a selective inhibitor of bacterial dihydrofolate reductase.
Revaprazan (199463-33-7)  
Revaprazan (trade name Revanex) is a drug that reduces gastric acid secretion which is used for the treatment of gastritis. It acts as an acid pump antagonist (potassium-competitive acid blocker). Revaprazan is approved for use in Korea, but is not approved in Europe or the United States.
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