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Sodium compounds


Salts (17)
Consumer Ingredients (16)
Food Additives (16)
Inorganic compound (13)
Halides (8)
Minerals (7)
Pharmaceuticals (6)
Chalcogenides (5)
Industrial minerals (4)
Metal halides (4)
Phosphates (4)
Sulfates (4)
Alkali metal iodides (3)
Aluminium compounds (3)
Bases (chemistry) (3)
Inorganic carbon compounds (3)
Iodides (3)
Metal hydrides (3)
Acid salts (2)
Chromates (2)
Coordination compounds (2)
Cyanides (2)
Desiccants (2)
Double salts (2)
Fluorides (2)
Iron compounds (2)
Organometallic compounds (2)
Oxides (2)
Sodium minerals (2)
Alkali metal chlorides (1)
Alkoxides (1)
Antifungals for dermatologic use (1)
Bromides (1)
Carbonyl complexes (1)
Chlorides (1)
Cyclic compounds (1)
Deliquescent substances (1)
Dermatologic drugs (1)
Inorganic nitrogen compounds (1)
Inorganic silicon compounds (1)
Metal amides (1)
Mineral groups (1)
Nitrates (1)
Non-nucleophilic bases (1)
Organoarsenic compounds (1)
Organochlorides (1)
Organohalides (1)
Perchlorates (1)
Platinum compounds (1)
Selenides (1)
Six-membered rings (1)
Sulfides (1)
Tellurides (1)
Titanates (1)
Triazines (1)
Zeolites (1)
Zinc compounds (1)


Sigma Aldrich (24)
Oakwood Chemical (14)
AK Scientific (8)
TCI Chemicals (8)
Amazon (4)
SynQuest Laboratories (4)
Apollo Scientific (1)
Matrix Scientific (1)

Sodium Chloride (7647-14-5, 8028-77-1, 14762-51-7, 32343-72-9)  
Saline Solution  ·  Sodium Chloride, (22)Na  ·  Sodium Chloride, (24)NaCl
Sodium chloride , also known as salt or halite, is an ionic compound with the chemical formula NaCl, representing a 1:1 ratio of sodium and chloride ions. With molar masses of 22.99 and 35.45 g/mol respectively, 100 g of NaCl contain 39.34 g Na and 60.66 g Cl. Sodium chloride is the salt most responsible for the salinity of seawater and of the extracellular fluid of many multicellular organisms.
SODIUM SELENITE (10102-18-8 (disodium salt), 10102-18-8, 14013-56-0)  
Selenous Acid, Disodium Salt  ·  Selenous Acid Disodium Salt  ·  Sodium Biselenite
Sodium selenite is the inorganic compound with the formula Na2SeO3. This salt is a colourless solid. The pentahydrate Na2SeO3(H2O)5 is the most common water-soluble selenium compound.
SODIUM ARSENITE (7784-46-5)  
sodium metaarsenite  ·  KML001  ·  sodium meta-arsenite
Sodium arsenite usually refers to the inorganic compound with the formula NaAsO2. Also called sodium meta-arsenite, it is the sodium salt of arsenous acid. Sodium arsenite also ) Na3AsO3, called sodium ortho-arsenite.
Sodium dichromate (10588-01-9, 7789-12-0, 10588-01-9, 34493-01-1)  
sodium bichromate  ·  Na2Cr2O7  ·  sodium bichromate, dihydrate
Sodium dichromate is the inorganic compound with the formula Na2Cr2O7. Usually, however, the salt is handled as its dihydrate Na2Cr2O7·2H2O. Virtually all chromium ore is processed via conversion to sodium dichromate and virtually all compounds and materials based on chromium are prepared from this salt.
SODIUM CYANIDE (143-33-9)  
Sodium cyanide is an inorganic compound with the formula NaCN. It is a white, water-soluble solid. Cyanide has a high affinity for metals, which leads to the high toxicity of this salt.
SODIUM CHROMATE (12680-48-7, 7775-11-3)  
sodium chromate(VI)  ·  sodium chromate(VI), 51Cr-labeled cpd  ·  chromium sodium oxide (CrNa2O4)
Sodium chromate is the inorganic compound with the formula Na2CrO4. It exists as a yellow hygroscopic solid, which can form tetra-, hexa-, and decahydrates. It is an intermediate in the extraction of chromium from its ores.
SODIUM NITRATE (7631-99-4)  
Sodium nitrate is the chemical compound with the formula NaNO3. This alkali metal nitrate salt is also known as Chile saltpeter (because large deposits of this salt can be found in Chile) to distinguish it from ordinary saltpeter, potassium nitrate. The mineral form is also known as nitratine, nitratite or soda niter.
Sodium metabisulfite (7681-57-4)  
sodium pyrosulfite  ·  sodium disulfite  ·  sodium metabisulfite, 35S2-labeled cpd
Sodium metabisulfite or sodium pyrosulfite (IUPAC spelling; Br. E. sodium metabisulphite or sodium pyrosulphite) is an inorganic compound of chemical formula Na2S2O5.
Monosodium phosphate (7558-80-7, 89140-32-9, 7632-05-5)  
sodium phosphate  ·  trisodium phosphate  ·  disodium hydrogen phosphate
SODIUM SELENATE (13410-01-0)  
selenate  ·  selenic acid  ·  Potassium Selenate
Sodium selenate is the inorganic compound with the formula Na 2SeO 4, not to be confused with sodium selenite. It exists as the anhydrous salt, the heptahydrate, and the decahydrate. These are white, water-soluble solids.
SODIUM ALUMINATE (1302-42-7, 11138-49-1)  
Sodium aluminate is an important commercial inorganic chemical. It works as an effective source of aluminium hydroxide for many industrial and technical applications. Pure sodium aluminate (anhydrous) is a white crystalline solid having a formula variously given as NaAlO2, NaAl(OH)4 (hydrated), Na2O·Al2O3, or Na2Al2O4.
SODIUM BROMIDE (7647-15-6)  
sodium bromide, 82Br-labeled
Sodium bromide is an inorganic compound with the formula NaBr. It is a high-melting white, crystalline solid that resembles sodium chloride. It is a widely used source of the bromide ion and has many applications.
sodium azide (26628-22-8)  
Sodium azide is the inorganic compound with the formula NaN3. This colorless salt is the gas-forming component in many car airbag systems. It is used for the preparation of other azide compounds.
Dikon  ·  Presept  ·  dichloroisocyanuric acid
Sodium dichloroisocyanurate (INN: sodium troclosene, troclosenum natricum or NaDCC or SDIC) is a chemical compound widely used cleansing agent and disinfectant. It is a colorless, water-soluble solid. The dihydrate is also known (51580-86-0 ) as is the potassium salt (2244-21-5 ).
Sodium dithionite (7775-14-6)  
Dithionite  ·  Hyposulfite
Sodium dithionite (also known as sodium hydrosulfite) is a white crystalline powder with a weak sulfurous odor. It is the sodium salt of dithionous acid. Although it is stable under most conditions, it will decompose in hot water and in acid solutions.
SODIUM CARBONATE (7542-12-3, 497-19-8, 497-19-8, 6132-02-1, 7440-23-5)  
sodium carbonate decahydrate  ·  sodium carbonate, hydrate  ·  disodium carbonate, 14C-labeled cpd
Sodium carbonate (also known as washing soda, soda ash and soda crystals, and in the monohydrate form as crystal carbonate), Na2CO3, is the water-soluble sodium salt of carbonic acid. It most commonly occurs as a crystalline decahydrate, which readily effloresces to form a white powder, the monohydrate. Pure sodium carbonate is a white, odorless powder that is hygroscopic (absorbs moisture from the air).
Monosodium methanearsonate (2163-80-6)  
MSMA  ·  methylarsonic acid  ·  methylarsonate
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