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Three-membered rings, DNA replication inhibitors


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Antineoplastic drugs (4)
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thiotepa (52-24-4)  
Triethylenethiophosphoramide  ·  Tespa  ·  Thio Tepa
Thiotepa (INN, chemical name: N,N′,N′′-triethylenethiophosphoramide) is an alkylating agent used to treat cancer. Thiotepa is an organophosphorus compound with the formula SP(NC2H4)3. It is a analog of N,N′,N′′-triethylenephosphoramide (TEPA), which contains tetrahedral phosphorus and is structurally akin to phosphate.
TRIAZIQUONE (68-76-8)  
Trenimon  ·  2,3,5-Tris(ethyleneimine)benzoquinone
Triaziquone is a drug used in chemotherapy. It is an alkylating agent. It can react with DNA to form intrastrand crosslinks.
Triethylenemelamine (51-18-3)  
Triethylene Melamine  ·  Tretamine  ·  2,4,6-Triethylimino-1,3,5-Triazine
Triethylenemelamine (abbreviated TEM, also called Tretamine) is a drug used in chemotherapy. It can cause chromatid aberrations in cell models.
carboquone (24279-91-2)  
Esquinon  ·  Carboquinone  ·  Carbazilquinone
Carboquone is a drug used in chemotherapy.
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